Glitter & Gold | 10 Party Artworks to Wow

Posted in Out of the Studio by Mandy Poernig on 18th December 2016

One thing we can’t fail to forget is that the holiday season means the ultimate party season. Whether we’re talking a champagne soiree, a dance ‘til you drop affair or the good old work ‘do, December through to New Year is all about the party spirit. It’s the one time of the year being dressed head to toe in glitter is mandatory and it would be plain offensive to leave the house without mistletoe, you know, just in case.

To honour the glittering party season and the fast approaching sparkling celebration of New Year’s Eve, we’ve put together a collection of works that are celebratory in style and perfect for the party animal in all of us...




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I love the vibrancy and characterisation in this piece. It’s challenging, full of life and depicts someone in the midst of having an awesome time. Bluefish has used paint on canvas combined with celebrity photography to capture the ultimate party girl portrait.




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Elegance is the word that springs to mind when I look at ‘Tall and Bold’. Davies works are reminiscent of the forties and fifties style, and they ooze grace. I like the illustrative style she uses to create her disarming heroines and the gold leaf on such a scale (it’s quite a big piece) will get the light dancing around the room you hang it in.


3 Antares and Love, Joe Webb


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Oh, this piece! I love it. Webb beautifully combines a vintage print with a cosmic sky backdrop to create this fantastical romance. The bright colours shining through like sparkly stars add to the drama, it’s a bit like an old school New Year’s Eve kiss.


Fluid Painting 102, Mark Chadwick


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Okay, so it’s not gold and it doesn’t glitter, but if you were to ever capture a party as a painting then this is it! The energy created by the thick paint strokes creates fluidity; it’s like an explosion of colour on the psychedelic dance floor.


5 Lazer Hazer, Iidu Tikkanen


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We move on from a total painting as a party to an utter rave on a canvas. Tikkanen has used vibrant colours of the 80’s and 90’s combined with the kitsch symbolism of the chandelier to create a unique work that I think would be its most impactful in a minimalist styled room, to ensure it receives everyone’s undivided attention.  


We Are Stars, Chloe Wing


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This is one for more of a sophisticated affair. This glittery gold cut-out will play with the light, reflecting off the dazzling surface and casting shadows on the wall behind it. It’s not the obvious ‘party’ theme but it truly does bring storytelling and a rich gold refinement to the room.


7 What Maybe the Horizon, Dangerous Minds


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This piece is a neon dream. It has the wow factor, from an aesthetic perspective it really is an attention grabber to get everyone standing around staring and mulling over the meaning. It’s maybe a bit much for the living room but for an entrance hall or office space it will look awesome.


8 Reflection, Andrew Millar


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Well, this delight is an ethereal Polaroid collage with individually applied 24k gold leaf to create a distinctive aesthetic, so that no two works are the same. I love how haunting these are and the gold leaf elevates the glamour. If you are looking for a truly unique piece then this is for you.


9 Jelly Fish Eyes Black 5, Takashi Murakami


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Murakami founded the ‘Superflat’ movement, which refers to various flattened forms in Japanese graphic art, animation, pop culture and fine arts and as you can see this work is a true demonstration of that. The colours are bright and glossy, and the poster style makes this a stimulating and engaging piece to have at home.


10 Garbhagriha III (Inner Sanctum), Chitra Merchant


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This beaut of an artwork will bring a block of bright colour into your room. If your New Year’s Eve is to be spent wining and dining with friends or family at home then this would make for the perfect backdrop to breathe life into the environment.


Glitter & Gold Party Artworks | Browse the Collection

So we’ll leave you to prep for your party or dress for your dinner, but if you’re looking for a masterpiece to take centre stage then have a browse through our glitter and gold party collection for that statement artwork destined to create conversation.