10 Paintings to Covet this Christmas

Posted in Out of the Studio by Jessye Bloomfield on 23rd November 2016

We all know that painting is hands down the most popular medium, there’s something so special about an original piece of artwork, the artist’s touch on the canvas and the free forms or incredible precision that can be achieved with a brush. Even with the trend-enduring fickleness of the art world, painting will always prevail. And this Christmas we have 10 paintings at the top of our wish list, and are hoping for all our art dreams to come true.


1 Composition (Night Garden), Wayne Sleeth

Wayne Sleeth’s work reminds us of a winter garden tipped in snow. He’s painted flowers and fleurs de lys using a combination of freehand painting, stencilled paint and dripped paint to create a lace-like aesthetic.


2 Ballerina 1, Peter Hawkins

Taken from his beautiful series of ballerina paintings, Peter Hawkins’ painting attempts to give the viewer a behind the scenes view point. It offers a poignant and elegant moment of a ballerina’s pose, reminiscent of Degas’ famous works.


3 Never RestPaul Bennett

Paul offers a stunning break from the representational with his series of abstract and unique paintings. The artists hand can be seen through the impasto brushstrokes, some heavily dragged on with a palette knife.


4 RuinDaisy Clarke

This sweet yet surreal painting is a real gem. Daisy Clarke plays on symbolic language, using strange and melancholic motifs from fairy-tales to portray mystical scenes.


5 Cloudy Sky, Jinsheng You

Jinsheng You offers us a scene of tranquillity through a lovely interplay of light and colour. The rich blue tones are uplifted by flecks of pinkish orange; an optimism pushing through the cloud. 


6 Splendid Snow MountainJinsheng You

Another from Jinsheng You, a perfect snowy scene for the Winter months and beyond. You visited the mountain in Tibet which inspired him to paint this powerful scene.


7 Deer in Snow II, Nadia Day

Nadia Day’s impressions of red deer in Richmond Park instantly caught my eye – Richmond Park is a magical place at Christmas and a favourite to visit in the snow!


Woodland Walk ILaura Cramer

On the theme of Winter walks, Laura Cramer’s painting is a beautifully subtle view of a wintery woodland scene. This work was painted after one of Laura’s walks with her whippet – a daily ritual.


Arcadian VortexElizabeth Jardine

Elizabeth Jardine is interested in how we connect to our physical landscape in what can often feel like a dislocated world – I’m certainly pulled in, powerfully, to this dreamlike woodland scene.


10 Red and Orange by Marion Jones

I’ve chosen to finish with a wonderfully uplifting painting by Marion Jones. The red, orange and pink tones pulse to create an energetic yet warming composition – a piece like this would also make a lovely Christmas gift for a loved one and look gorgeous in a bedroom setting.


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Painting is a timeless medium, and arguably the most appreciated style of art for its freedom of expression and the presence of the artist's touch. Our curators have put together a collection of our favourite paintings to covet this Christmas, from large statement works, to small intimate pieces. Find the perfect gift, or uplift your home with this handpicked selection of paintings to adore.