Design Bloggers At Home: Ellie Tennant's Book Launch via instagram

Posted by Charlotte Broomfield on 01st May 2014

Last night we went to interior's journalist & stylist, Ellie Tennant's book launch at Brixton East in, you guessed it, Brixton. There was cheese, myriads of celery sticks and a 2-piece band playing from an elevated open balcony. 

Ellie's book, 'Design Bloggers at Home' introduces the characters and creative forces behind leading design blogs, exploring their online realms, their beautiful homes and their clever styling ideas. Twelve in-depth case studies cover a panorama of cutting-edge bloggers' spaces - from a pared-back monochrome cabin in Scandinavia to a maximalist, colour-filled apartment in California - while the final chapter offers advice on setting up your own blog. The book is available on Amazon.

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