Feeling Blue? Igor from Happy Interior Blog's Rise Art Picks

Posted by Charlotte Broomfield on 23rd April 2014

Igor is founder of interior design blog Happy Interior Blog
We recently reached out to Igor and he agreed to curate us a collection around the theme of his favourite colour BLUE!

1. Hi Igor! Born and raised in Austria to Serbian parents, you studied in Athens, have worked in Vienna and Berlin and currently flit between Munich and Paris. Which country has had the biggest influence on your interior style?
I think I was influenced by all countries - and I am continuously inspired by all different cultures and countries that I am visiting on my numerous travels. Traveling has always been a major inspiration for the creation of my own home. Due to my work as an interior design blogger I have been frequently traveling to Scandinavia so currently my home is influenced by the Scandinavian airiness with colorful dashes of colours and patterns like kilim rugs - a reference to my southeast-European roots.
2. Why blue?
Blue is my favorite colour. It is a colour that reminds me of freedom and freshness. It is like breathing in crisp air, a salty breeze on the coast, it is like the sea in the south, the eternal ice in the north. It is pure and calming. I love it in all its aspects and hues. 
3. Three reasons to have Art in your house?
Art adds character and personality to a home. It adorns blank walls. It creates visual interest as art ignites reflection of thought. Three absolutely good reasons to add art to your home!

Neap Tide
Tina Mammoser

IGOR: Elusive, enticing and atmospherical - this art piece is incredibly beautiful and would go straight up my own wall!

Untitled (fish & float)
Charlotte Evans

IGOR: This art piece evokes dear memories of holidays by the lake in the mountains. You can literally smell the woods!

David Connor

IGOR: Seaside photography is a real crush of mine! Bring in the freshness of the coast with this fab art piece.

Natasha Bonner

IGOR: One more beautiful sea photography for the wall - I can see this art piece above a bed or sofa in a neutral or nautical interior.

London 2012
Laurent Baillet

IGOR: A brilliant exposure photograph! I love the effect of this photograph - it certainly makes you look twice!


Different Days
Paul Bennett

IGOR: Grand moody hues for a sophisticated style - this piece is another one on my shortlist!

Morning Haze Over Lake Konigsee & St Bartholoma Monastery
Alexander Heaton

IGOR: This art piece I had to pick because it reminds me of where I was born and where I live. The view of an alpine lake surrounded by high peaks is somewhat of a personal reference to my childhood.

Blue Birches
Patricia Mcparlin

IGOR: 'Blue Birches' caught my eye because of its rich texture and manifold indigo hues - a colour that is currently trending in interior styling.

Untitled (Black Hut)
Charlotte Evans

IGOR: A cute art piece for the wall - I am thinking of a home office or nursery. Playful yet stylish, this seems to be a good option for anyone with a quirky eye.

Ecstatic Energy
Abigail Box

IGOR: This energetic painting made it to my shortlist because it combines two of my favourite colours - blue and yellow. And it bursts with energy. It is like an ablaze volcano - definitely a powerful visual statement for your walls! 

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