Two Views

Posted in In the Studio by Rise Art on 03rd July 2013

Rise Art artist Amanda Karlsson’s current exhibition, with studio colleague Julia Oloffson, shows different ways of relating to home, as Suvi Lehtinen discovers for the Wednesday Event.


Framtiden gallery in Linköping, Sweden presents Ave Ars, a duo exhibition, of Rise Art artist Amanda Karlsson, together with Julia Olofsson. The two artists, who currently share a studio in Gothenburg, have known each other for almost two decades but this is their first exhibition together. While the artists share a background, Olofsson’s work is based on her sketching technique; and Karlsson’s paintings are more realistic and yet, simultaneously, abstract in their approach. The two artists also differ in their relationship to their native environment.


Olofsson exhibits a more direct engagement with her surroundings, with forests and nature scenery from their native Värmland presented with a dreamlike twist. Karlsson, on the other hand, left Sweden for Berlin as a reaction to what she felt was an experience of separation from the outside world. She has since returned, even if to the more metropolitan Gothenburg. While in Berlin certain recognizable elements from the familiar Swedish landscape continued to reappear in Karlsson’s paintings, such as the typical wooden country houses as seen in the painting A house is not a home, on show in this exhibition. The feeling of separation continues to inform her work, typified by the wide open spaces of the canvas and the small lonely figures that occupy them.


Ave Ars, Framtiden gallery ends October 11