Guest Curator: FAD's Mark Westall

Posted by Mark Westall on 06th December 2012

I'm a big fan of collecting, owning and hanging art in my home. But when it comes to getting work from some of the biggest names in art, lets just say that my personal art fund won't be competing for any scarce works anytime soon. Which is why I love the concept of renting. What better way to get work in your home, without shelling out the big bucks. I've done a collection on Rise Art which shares some of my favourites across the sites.

Here are some of the highlights:

David Hockney


TICK IT TOCK IT TURN IT TRUE an etching inspired by the poem The Man with the Blue Guitar by the American poet Wallace Stevens. Which also Inspired Picasso's Blue Period. So Its an interesting etching with lots of cultural references and its a David Hockney you can rent for a fraction of the price. What more do you want?



Then we have Takashi Murakami I'm not as into him as I was about four years ago when he burst onto the scene with collaborations with Pharrel Williams and Louis Vuitton but I still love big smiley faces  and for less than £100 a month! Awesome. 

Tahnee Londsale


Then lets cut to some great emerging artists - Here is a great video interview  with Tahnee Londsdale who infact is influenced by Murakami - what a great segway. The colours and narrative of her work is great and the paintings tend to grow on you - you start to see all the layers of her work over time.

Chris Shaw Hughes


Next we have Chris Shaw Hughes. I love his meticulous attention to detail and the scale of this work . He reminds me a bit of Paul Noble who has been nominated for the Turner Prize but thankfully there's no crap in the drawings and they are of real places. I did just say 'a bit'.

Mark Chadwick


And Finally - A spin painting, but in my mind so much BETTER than Damien Hirst. Rent this great spin painting from Mark Chadwick for only £45 a month. It's so more organic, real than then the sterilised spin paintings that you get from the DH studio. Which is really interesting when you realise its been created using machinery. Is the machine more 'human' than the artist assistant ? (Just when it comes to painting obviously!) 

Every home deserves some real art. I love that this rentals concept means I'll actually be able to afford some of it.

Mark Westall is founder of FAD Website


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