Rise Art's Bonfire Night Pick

Posted by Rise Art on 01st November 2015

With Bonfire night coming up, we thought we'd show you our top picks of the best artworks featuring warm-tones to keep you toasty on what's usually a very cold night...


'The light and the noise' by Abigail Box


The Light and The Noise by Abigail Box


Curator Kathryn Roberts says:
"I Admire the way Abigail focuses on the paint's ability to visually describe and reinvent the natural and manmade world we live in."
Abigail box is an explorative painter, and examines pattern and light in her paintings. Bold and joyous, her works encourage the viewer to revel in the visual qualities of the natural and the manmade.

'Gravitation' by Paul Bennett

Gravitation by Paul Bennett


Curator Jo Baring says:
"Paul's paintings are abstract and expressionistic rather than representational. In a world where we are surrounded by mass production, Paul’s paintings are deliberately individual and unique."
Fine artist Paul Bennett paints semi-abstract seascapes that are wild, rugged and raw, and more glossy, pure abstract works. He also likes to reveal the painting process: you'll notice thickly applied oil paint, poured onto the canvas, with palette knife marks, dripped paint, and obvious brush strokes. This is Bennett's direct response to the flat, mass-produced images in the media and advertising.

'Wingspan' By Victoria Horken


Wingspan by Victoria Horkan


 Curator Anthony Fawcett says:
"Through the use of collage, thick oil and acrylic paints and her painterly style using broad brush stroke, Victoria creates work that is distinct and instantly recognizable. Her butterfly series of works are collected worldwide, and bring colour and vibrancy to any setting"
Victoria Horkan transforms the surface of the canvas until it is almost 3D through her clever use of paint. She layers plaster with thick, undiluted oil to give rich, painterly textures with a sense of fragility about them. Bold, vibrant and emotive, her work falls somewhere between impressionism, abstraction and expressionism.
If any of these works have piqued your interest, they are all available on our shop
Have a great Bonfire Night, and remember to wrap up warm!