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New In November Picks!

Take a look at our new-in picks this November!

By Dan Fitzsimmons | 07 Nov 2015

Take a look at our new-in picks this November!


Neale Howells

Our curator Rebecca Gordon says of Neale Howell's frenetic paintings that,

"Neale Howells is attracting a growing international following for his epic, urban paintings. His work has grown through a reputation of creating rich, imaginative and provocative works that the viewer can come back to time and time again to see new things. "

Having also done artwork for the Manic Street Preacher's, Neale's work would be a fine addition for any  collector!


Blue Figure by Neale Howells


Alejandra Padilla

Our South American insider Enrique Mitjans says of Alejandra's work,
"Alejandra Padilla is fast growing an international reputation for her incredible, meticulous collages As you look closely at them you can see the unique technique she uses and minute detail that goes into every piece to produce such beautiful, original works."
Alejandra's work is in important private and musuem collections around the world, so we're very proud to be able to have some of her works here on Rise Art!

Polyscopy n 45 - Bocetos para mayores dimensiones by Alejandra Padilla


Alejandro David Gigli

Much like Alejandra Padilla, Alejandro David Gigli is an artist based in Buenos Aires. Our insider Enrique says,

"Alejandro's metaphysical/geometrical paintings remind me of the short story by Jorge Luis Borges "Babel's Library" and even the kind of objects you see in Spielberg's movies. He captures urban spaces which are so familiar to us in Buenos Aires or in fact anyone living in a big city"

Trabajadores 1 by Alejandro David Gigli


Tony MAridakis

Tony's catalogue of works is inspired by his fascination with nature and its phenomena. 'Vibrant tranqullity' is one way which Tony uses to describe his work. The images set in motion a dialog exploring everyday phenomenon over the vastness of time and space.

Tony has exhibited internationally, from Argentina to France!

Reverie #1 by Tony Maridakis

Mark BEattie

Mark Beattie says of his work that,

"My work is inspired by my travels; I draw on the experiences of different countries and cultures and a feeling of displacement and separation that comes with travelling. Working with various metals in all their contrasting properties of texture and finish, I enjoy the challenge of making the industrious material appear fluid, malleable and delicate."

In the Past he has worked alongside Helaine Blumenfeld, Jonathan Yeo, Tracey Emin and the late Lynn Chadwick!



All these new artists and more are available on our shop now!

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