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The [gone] Project

The [gone] project brings together a range of photographic projects that respond to the in situ experience of Rise Art photographer, Anastasia Fugger and her photographer friend, Carolina Pimenta.

By Rise Art | 24 Sept 2015
The [gone] Project brings together Rise Art photographer, Anastasia Fugger and her photographer friend, Carolina Pimenta. After an extended trip roaming through Mexico, the two photographers captured breathtaking images with an acute sense of perception and humour. Read on for a Q&A with Anastasia, ahead of her upcoming exhibition at TANK.TV! 
Tell us a little about the [gone] Project?
The gone project is a long-term collaboration project I started in 2014 with my friend and photographer Carolina Pimenta. We always wanted to work together and we have had many discussions on ideas and projects to collaborate on. Since we both have a strong affinity for travelling and discovering new places, it seemed a natural route to follow. We wanted to create a project that would raise awareness and capture the authentic truth of the country we were exploring, simultaneously creating a place where our individual perspectives are portrayed as one piece of work. 
And so the [gone] Project was born.
The idea is to fuse both photographic eyes in the same place at the same time and create a diary of images that stand side by side. By always displaying our images as duos, we allow a visual dialogue to emerge between the common reflections of experience that we share during our journey. [gone] Mexico is now the first series of the [gone] Project. It’s a selection of images we took during a month long excursion through Mexico from the Yucatan Peninsula to Chiapas all the way down to the pacific coast of Oaxaca.


Anastasia Fugger

How is it working with another photographer on a shared project?
It is such a great experience. Carolina and I have a strong friendship and our personalities somehow compliment each other perfectly, so we really manage to get the best out of each other. Being a team of two also gives you a lot more courage and strength to enter doors you might not dare to trespass on your own. By pushing yourself to be curious and ask questions you suddenly open yourself up to see so much more. And this curiosity and drive for exploring the unknown is what it’s all about. Obviously, when you have two photographers working together side by side, there are moments where you might bump heads, but that is also the beauty of it. Dealing with the challenges that arise and learning to overcome them is what makes this project so exciting as well.

Carolina Pimenta and Anastasia Fugger

What drew you to Mexico as a location?
Many people have stereotypical preconceptions of Mexico, especially coming from the US, a place where both of us lived. The general image of the country is often linked to stories about drug violence or the college spring breakers in Cancun. So we wanted to show the other side of Mexico and capture the beauty of its culture, its people and the extraordinary nature this country has to offer. Luckily we also got some great tips and tricks on where to go and what to see, so we were quite intrigued to dig deeper. 

Anastasia Fugger

I see that you have travelled a lot, where has been your favourite location?
Oh that’s really hard to say, I think every place has its unique beauty. But I would say South Africa is one place in particular that really stole my heart. I’m not quite sure what it is, but there is this feeling I get when I’m in the Southern African bush, which just puts me at ease. One of my favourites from South Africa is “Twins with Attitude”. The two boys posing for me in front of an old timer Ford had such an incredible aura to them. I find there is such detail to their body language and physique. 

Twins with attitude 

Anastasia Fugger

What camera did you shoot the [gone] Project on?
We both used a Canon 5d Mark II for our [gone] Mexico trip. 
What is your favourite photograph from the collection?
That’s quite difficult to say, I love all of them. If I really had to choose one it would be “Selva”, which was taken deep in the soaring Jungle of Palenque. 


Anastasia Fugger 


Fusing both photographic eyes in the same place at the same time results in a rich and compelling group of work for Anastasia and Carolina, blurring the lines between travel photography and fine art.

Running from the 30th September - 8th October, this upcoming exhibtion is a must see!

Find them at TANK.TV, 91-93 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7NX.


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