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Top New Works This September!

Need a dose of Art Inspiration? Look no further! Presenting Rise Art's top new works this September, curated especially for you...

By Rise Art | 05 Sept 2015

Need a dose of Art Inspiration? Look no further!

Presenting Rise Art's top new works this September, curated especially for you...



After a successful career working as an Illustrator for magazine and book publishers, the artist began to focus on his own personal, abstract work.

Curator Adriana Marques says:

"Brown's beautiful and energetic works feel like abstract paintings for the digital age. Influenced by our senses and all their abilities and limitations, the layers and colours of each work are like a thought frozen in time. A great addition to any collection."

Buy Brown's digital artworks for their abstract, colourful movement that will add a touch of fun to any space!


Paul Brown



Karen Stamper has travelled extensivelyWhile on her travels around the world, Karen crewed yachts, painted scenery for Indian celebrations, taught art, worked as freelance illustrator, and studied yoga in Pune, constantly sketching and collecting.

Clive Jennings calls her compositions 'masterful and pleasing'.

Far from familiar things

Karen Stamper 



Helen Shulkin is an emerging artist based in Baden-Baden, Germany.

The artist is obsessed to anatomize light, to extract its components, recombine them and connect them into new colour combination. As result - the colour in her artworks is permanently freed from the shadow.

"Scintillation at Terminal II"

Helen Shulkin



After growing up in Miami Beach, and living for many years in New York, Donna Ruff currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is a designer, teacher, writer, curator, and artist!

She has exhibited in gallery and museum solo and group shows in the US, Europe and Asia. Her work was recently acquired by the New Mexico Museum of Art and is featured in Book Art: Iconic Sculptures and Installations Made from Books, published by Gestalten.

Rise Art's Internal Curator, Rebecca Gordon says:

"Donna Ruff's intricate and ornate art works are far from your average type of paper cut works. Lace-like patterns are created through various meticulous methods of cutting and burning, all carried out by hand. Through a process of careful destruction something new is born. "

Fanatic 4

Donna Ruff


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