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Why Gift Art?

Three if our curators tell us why they think art makes the perfect gift.

By Lucia Fischer | 24 Dec 2014
Jo, Rebecca and David, three of Rise Arts curators, tell us why they think art makes the perfect gift.

London Zoo
Tobias Till

I buy my Godchildren art as gifts - it makes the perfect present because it is so personal and really does last a lifetime. Receiving art as a gift says that someone has really thought about you. At home we have hung pieces given to us as gifts - when I look at them I always think of the people we received them from, and how special they are to us. I’ve even framed some little Christmas cards sent to me by one of my favourite artists!
People might think you have to spend a fortune on ‘art’, and thus shy away from even considering giving art as a present, but for example, the limited edition Tobias Till prints start at £200.
Art makes the perfect gift because it makes you think about the person you are buying for - and as a lucky recipient, you realise that someone has not only spent money on you, but time and consideration as well. You feel cherished
I think a print by Tobias Till would make the perfect gift for Christmas - I’m certainly putting his print of London Zoo on my Christmas list.
You can never have too much art. A small work is an especially good present because it's not difficult to find a place for it to hang, and in the unlikely event there is no room to hang it, then it can slot into a bookcase which is a great alternative way to display an art work. 
I have only just got this artist onto the site so she hasn't completely finished her profile yet.

Lion King
Antonia Barclay

I love this work and think it would appeal to almost everyone. It is an original drawing and whilst created in such a delicate medium, it manages to convey such power and intensity. However, by placing a crown on this fierce animal the artist has created an element of humour which seems at odds with this very powerful, wild creature. I think it could hang in many settings but it would be particularly fun in a children's bedroom or playroom. 
I also love the other animal drawings in this series by Antonia Barclay and think they would all make a fantastic gift. 
Art makes the perfect gift because a well chosen piece of art says as much about your good intentions, thoughtfulness and personality as the gift buyer as that of the receiver. It's also something that one can never have enough of in life!

Huangshan Porters
Charlotte Evans

Huangshan Porters is an artwork I would love to recieve this Christmas. The skill applied as well as the style, not to mention the way the snow is captured in this painting, it reminds me of the season in a more charming perspective.

Still not sure about which piece of art to pick as a GIFT? Let them decide then. CLICK HERE.

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