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Stay on top of the design news with our round up the best blog posts, most pinnable images and enviable inspiration from the last week.

By Isabel Larner | 01 Aug 2014
Stay on top of the design news with our round up the best blog posts, most pinnable images and enviable inspiration from the last week.
Human Organs Made From Plants On The Design Ark 
The Design Ark introduced us to the work of Camilla Carlow, whose series 'Eye Heart Spleen' uses found plants to recreate the human body, dawing parallels between the relentless resilience of urban plantlife and our organs in the face of human neglect. 
The Simple Pretty Guide To Notting Hill
Simple Pretty Notting Hill guide
It's nearly that time of year again when sound systems, dancing and the smell of jerk chicken overpower a select few streets in West London (that's Notting Hill Carnival, FYI). But Notting Hill is considerably more calm the rest of the year; Victorian townhouses, attractive terraces and boutique stores mark most of the area that locals peruse at a seemingly slower pace to the rest of the capital. 
Jane of Simple Pretty, who adopted Notting Hill as her home, has created an amazingly extensive guide of the area with some very personal recommendations of where to eat, shop and do. Ditch the overdone, save her mini map and make like a local, if just for one weekend. 
Lobster & Swan Discovers 
How about a real bit of history framing your art works? Quite literally, that is! In one of her latest posts, Jeska turned our attention to a limited collection of frames and wooden furniture as created by her neighbour Phil, who bought and refurbished planks from the perpetually unfortunate, fire-ravaged Hastings pier. Mismatched and still scarred from the nails holding them in the pier, Phil's work has a rustic charm that is nonetheless professionally polished.
Jeska also speaks to Phil about his work process, design style and some rather pesky neighbours!
We Heart Reveal Takashi Murakami's New Exhibition
The prolific Japanese artist, the father of 'superflat', the man whose art draws the line between cute and creepy: Takashi Murakami is back. We Heart preview his latest exhibition, located in Milan, that explores ancient Buddhist stories of death and decay in the wake of the devastating earthquake that shook Japan in 2011. 
The Instagram of Trend Daily
Her snaps are instantly recognisable with their skilled composition and soft, muted palette; Caroline's posts are a frequently updated treat. We love how openly she invites us into her daily life, and can't shake the cosy and wholesome feeling that we get from peeking in. 
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