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Styling with art: Minimal

This week, we turn our focus to minimal styling. Using Jeanne Masoero's mixed media work 'Pyramid' we took off with the idea that minimal doesn't always need to mean boring. Like the work of art we are styling around, minimal can be full of life and texture - we ran with that in what we chose this week.

By Ruth Reyes | 18 Oct 2015

Minimal doesn't have to be boring - far from it - it's just important to play around with textures so that the style doesn't go too stale after a while, or come off cold. Jeanne Masoero's multimedia work, 'Pyramid' is paper on canvas, which forms part of one of Jeanne Masoero's on-going series of paper reliefs. We decided it would be an excellent focus piece for this week's post, concentrating on minimal style, as it is of course minimal itself but also has so much texture and depth. Avoiding all frills, we focus on texture and neutural tones (but that doesn't mean no colour) to mimic the work and call back to it. 

Jeanne Masoero

The Ella Doran Geo cream rug is an excellent callback to the artwork. As it mimicks the 3D effect, giving it a new sense of life - it is almost like a reflection of the piece as it lies on the floor - not unlike an object to water. We chose the Mid. 20th Century Design Armchair London c.1960 from The Old Cinema because of sleek vintage design and the different textures it would add to the space (also it gives a pop of colour withough being obnoxious as it's in the same warm tones as the beige.) When it comes to minimal, it's all about sleek, simple and no frills styles - focus on keeping all the tones similar and get excited about textures. 

1. Pyramid by Jeanne Masoero 

2. Mid. 20th Century Design Armchair London c.1960 available at The Old Cinema

3. Patchwork secretary cabinet available at West Elm

4. Metal Truss work table available at West Elm

5. Genisa glass from Anthropologie

6. Mumo copper narrow stitch cushion from Wolf and Badger 

7. Ella Doran Geo rug available at Heal's

8. Marcel Pendant available at Folklore 

9. Cedar and Stone Cheeseboard available at Anthropologie


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