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Inside the House of The New Victorian Ruralist

James Snowden, founder of The New Victorian Ruralist, is an interior decorator, shopkeeper and, as he styles himself, 'blog curator’ based in Kentucky. In 2011, The London Telegraph named The New Victorian Ruralist one of ‘The 20 Best Interiors Blogs’, and deemed it seductively soulful. James invites Rise Art inside his home.

By Charlotte Broomfield | 31 Oct 2013
James Snowden's Living Room
Tell us a bit about yourself
Since 2009, The New Victorian Ruralist has featured its eclectic take on interior design with daily lifestyle posts ranging from the rustic to the refined. Aesthetically, you can always depend on The New Victorian Ruralist to set a mood that is about function, comfort, and the art of display.  In 2011, The London Telegraph named The New Victorian Ruralist one of ‘The 20 Best Interiors Blogs’ — and deemed it seductively soulful.
James Snowden's House
What's your interiors style?
When designing my own personal spaces, it is always about what I am drawn to - what I personally find interesting. I never think about any specific design rules, but I do pay close attention to how textures play against each other. I find neutrals to be very comforting, so texture is the best way to keep the eye interested. A great balance of modern cleanliness and rural rusticity always makes me happiest. An antique painted cupboard beside a modern tufted club chair, a cable-stitched Alpaca wool throw against a grey Mongolian lamb pillow, vintage carnival letters upon a modern wallpaper - they all tell a story. They invite me to relax and be comfortable - and, most importantly, focus on the guests I’ve welcomed into my home. 
James Snowden's House
James Snowden's House
If you had to pick 3 Art pieces to place in your house from Rise Art, what would they be?
Personally, I never think art has to “fit” the style of a home. What pleases the eye, hits a nerve, or causes reflection is always personal. 
Natasha Bonner V
First and foremost, there is a story and a history behind this image.  Art should captivate on many levels – and this piece certainly is arresting.
Magnetic Field - Jean Masoero
I am always drawn to visual texture - and I also enjoy the technical feel of this painting.
Pilgram - Raj Kaur
I love classic figurative painting, and this wash of a drawing reminds me of one of my favorites - The Skating Minister by Sir Henry Raeburn.
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