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Inside the House of blogger Lilyfield Life

Lilyfield Life is authored by Australian blogger Fiona. The blog focuses around transforming your house, without breaking the bank or compromising on quality. Fiona's style involves a lot of whites and muted colours, French with ornate details but not too fussy. She invites us to peruse her dining room.

By Charlotte Broomfield | 22 Oct 2013
Lilyfield life dining room
Tell us a bit about your blog
My blog, Lilyfield Life is all about transforming your house into a home, without breaking the bank or buying new poor quality furniture. I blog about my painted furniture, DIY tutorials, and my little slice of country life in the inner city suburbs. With my painted furniture I always try to make each piece unique and worthy of being loved again; creating art and beauty that will still be loved in years and years to come. Creating pieces that really speak to you as well as being functional.
What's your style?
My style is a lot of whites and muted colours, French with ornate details but not too fussy. I’d like to think of it as timeless elegance.  I love old furniture that has a story and pieces that have a special meaning. Because I paint and sell, furniture we do change things around quite often. 
Lillyfield Life plates
What's your favourite room?
My favourite room is our dining/kitchen. It’s the hub of our house as we love cooking and entertaining. We’ve put a lot of effort into transforming these two rooms and almost all the pieces in it are vintage finds.
Lilyfield Life table
Lilyfield Life dining room
lilyfield life dining room
Lilyfield Life Dining Room
You clearly appreciate statement Art pieces, if you had to pick one from Rise Art, what would it be?
Gunton Set I by Guy Allen is fabulous. It would look great above my dining room table.
Gunton Set 1 by Guy Allen
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