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Why I Started Collecting Art

Amanda Lambert is an Art Dealer, Consultant and Founder of The Hollywood Arts Club. Amanda guest blogs for us on why she started collecting Art and defines the nature of what art dealing means to her.

By Amanda Lambert | 17 Oct 2013

My decision to start my own business as an Art Dealer and Consultant was pure happenstance. I had previously worked in auction houses specialising in 19th/20th century art, however it was only when I started to collect contemporary art and form friendships with the artists I collected, that I saw the excitement and potential in launching a career collaborating with artists and galleries, curating shows and helping clients to build their collections or find that perfect piece of art. 

Amanda K Lambert

Amanda Lambert

There is something so tremendously gratifying in supporting the practice of an artist you admire and in helping a client to discover an amazing talent. I find it very exciting that one can have an impact on an artist’s career by becoming a patron of their work, an incredibly important role that I don’t think is discussed or credited enough. It is empowering for both parties, giving a voice to the artist while allowing the collector to embark on a lifelong journey that is both enriching and fun. 

Hollywood Arts Club

Hollywood Road Arts Club

In addition to curating collections and consulting, last year I founded The Hollywood Road Arts Club, a contemporary art project that offers monthly mid-week evening events on how to navigate the London art market and learn how to collect in a fun, laid-back environment. Art aficionados and beginners welcome! The next event is on Wednesday 23rd private talk on Saudi Arabian art today and a private view of Abdulnasser Garem’s critically acclaimed exhibition. 

Jan Van Eyck, The Arnolfini Portrait

Jan Van Eyck, The Arnolfini Portrait

(One of my) favourite artworks is the Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck, which hangs in the National Portrait Gallery. I obtained my MA at the Courtauld Institute of Art in Early Netherlandish painting and am fascinated by the technical virtuosity and symbolism in this masterpiece, which I could look at for hours (and already have done!)


Amanda Lambert curated a collection for us HERE. And if you want to read Amanda's analysis of Rise Art's Artists on the Rise click HERE.

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