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Best of Summer 2013

It's almost time to say goodbye to summer and welcome the fall! Until then, here are our picks of summery artworks from this season that, we hope, will bring a little bit of sunshine in your hearth...

By Katherine Lachance Lavergne | 03 Sept 2013

Fall is almost here, so we thought of bringing you back memories of the sunny summer we've had and giving you our 5 favourite art pieces we've released this summer...

First in the line is The Apple Tree by Robin Duttson, which really catched our attention by its bright colours and the details the artist captures in his art. Did you know that each summer, Duttson sets up a temporary orchard studio in order to capture the detail of the apple blossoms during their short lifespan that will enable his work for the rest of the year? Quite amazing, isn't it?

The Apple Tree by Robin Duttson

Secondly, we've selected Wooden Resolve by Richard Wade for its richness in lights and colours.

Wooden Resolve by Richard Wade

The next one was simply lovely! It's Squirrel In Big Brogues by Anna Marrow

Squirrel In Big Brogues by Anna Marrow

This list wouldn't be completed without This Little Bird by Johnny Christmas, named after the song This Little Bird by Marianne Faithfull.

This Little Bird by Johnny Christmas

Finally, last one but not least is Iris by Daniel Bourke... as soon as we saw this artwork we absolutely loved it!

Iris by Daniel Bourke

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