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Anthropocene: In Retrospective

Stephen Walter answers our questions and shares photos from his acclaimed and highly successful exhibition Anthropocene.

By Charlotte Broomfield | 29 Jul 2013

Post Anthropocene, we quiz Stephen Walter, gain his personal thoughts on the highly successful exhibition and bring our members exclusive photos of the event. We blogged about the Anthropocene exhibition in more detail here...

Reception of Anthropocene Exhibition

When did you decide to become an artist?
At the age of 16-17, but as soon as I stepped through the doors for my Masters at the RCA it was cemented.
What's the studio like?
All peanut factory - Nice and cool in the summer, like a freezer in the winter.
When did you become interested in cartography and how did your particular style of drawing come about?
I have always had an obsession with landscape. A growing interest in semiotics logically led to maps (landscapes full of signs and symbols.)
What's your inspiration?
It's about an inherited history in a shared space… Oral history, people, life and contradictions.
Your maps are highly detailed, how long does it take to complete one of the larger works?
Too long! I have a back-log of ideas that will take up a lifetime…
Which of your works is your personal favourite?
I haven’t made it yet.

An image from Anthropocene

An image from Anthropocene

An image from Anthropocene

A selection of Stephen Walter maps at Anthropocene

How did you gather all of the geographical information, the local stereotypes and folklores that run through each map you draw?
Through reading and hearing (books, internet, journals and talking to people.)
How do you manage to capture the identity of a place?
I try to add things that I personally feel are particularly telling of a place.
In 3 words, what does London mean to you?
Can’t get enough
We went to the Anthropocene preview show and thought it was great, has the exhibition been a success for you?
Yes, very much so. The turnout has been huge considering the heat-wave we have enjoyed. There is always positive feedback to my shows. I guess it's because my maps are about people at the end of the day, so the viewer is in touch with the subject matter. My landscape works are varying glimpses of Utopia. Can’t wait for the next one….
What's next?
Big and small landscapes, collage, a bit of colour, maps of made-up places & the deification of trees!

An image from Anthropocene

An image from Anthropocene

Stephen at the Anthropocene exhibition

Stephen at the Anthropocene exhibition

London Subterranea

London Subterranea Stephen Walter

Inner Circle Stephen Walter

Inner Circle Stephen Walter

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