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Described by Saatchi online as a 'one-to watch painter,' French artist, Héloïse Delègue's work explores the conflict between man-kind and his natural environment, yet aims to relate to each individual on an intimate level.

By Charlotte Broomfield | 11 Jul 2013

French Emerging artist, Héloïse Delègue, has been deemed a 'one-to watch painter' and was one of the hotly tipped artists showing at this year's Other Art Fair in London. Each of Héloïse's pieces convey an enigmatic narrative, that through her exquisite use of colour is almost tangible. Héloïse is beginning to attract the attention of media alongside influential art bloggers; she definitely stands out from the crowd.

Héloïse Delègue

Héloïse Delègue

For Paris-Sorbonne graduate Héloïse, both the real and imagined are key to her practise. Héloise creates a world of colours and uses narrative to fuse aspects of her identity with her personal experiences collected abroad. Her intricate works blur fact and fiction whilst maintaining a sense of humour to substantial effect. 

Héloïse has exhibited widely throughout London, and is looking forward to her prospective participation in, 'story of the creatives' at the Angel Orensanz Foundation NYC starting 25th July 2013. 

Héloïse Delègue painting

Héloïse Delègue in the studio

What got your practice started? When did you decide to become an artist?

I've always been making, creating things and painting. I don't think I decided to become an artist, but that I just felt it so strongly that I couldn't do anything but just be who I am, an artist.

Where do you go for inspiration when starting a new project?

Everything inspires me.

Your paintings are very colourful and use a lot of different materials. How do you decide what to use when starting a new project?

Well it's really by doing, then I start my journey when creating a piece. The process of decision is unconscious.

Héloïse Delègue stand

Héloïse Delègue art display

What's the funniest thing that's happened to you when showing your work?

People's reactions when looking at my work are always interesting and make me smile. My work increases my self awareness as people see things I do not originally notice. It's quite funny. One lady at an exhibition - for about 25 minutes - was specifically staring at one painting until she screamed out loud, 'So... basically, this is your brain!' I thought it was hilarious.

Who or what have you sacrificed for your art? 

Nothing because so far, it has just made me more happy.

If you could pick one museum to visit right now, what would it be?

The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.

What music do you have on in the studio at the moment?


Héloïse Delègue - After II

After II: Héloïse Delègue

What work of art would you most like to personally own?

Probably any piece from Klimt or Rothko would do :)

Which work of yours are you most proud of?

There are some pieces that I find preferable to others, but I can't really say I am proud of them. I like Alba my love because when I look at it, I just feel very calm.

How do you manage the balance between accessibility, and the philosophical enquiry into the conflict between mankind and his natural environment, that runs through your practice?

Very good question! Well, I always felt that there should be an immediate response to a piece of Art. This is how I personally interact with Art - It just strikes me instantly. It captivates me and absorbs me to the point where I lose myself into an indescribable imaginary world of stories, colours and thoughts. This is what I aim for when creating a piece and therefore I think there should be an understanding of humanity itself. I produce Art for others, not for myself and I always keep this in mind when creating a piece. I don't like to reveal all the keys to the mystery of the piece and I like to know that people see what they want but I sort of guide them through my thinking either by the use of evocative titles or by some kind of light figurative elements.

Swallowed and Drowned

Swallowed and Drowned: Héloïse Delègue

After IV

After, IV Héloïse Delègue

Survival Kit: Héloïse Delègue

Survival Kit: Héloïse Delègue


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