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Portrait with the artist: Elisabeth Bond

We spoke to print maker Elisabeth Bond about her practice, inspirations and working habits.

By David Smith | 07 Mar 2013


Elisabeth Bond's work spans 2D forms including linocuts, woodcuts and collage. The artist's practice follows a pattern very similar to nature. Structures are established, flourish and then over time begin to break down. Bond replicates this throughout all of her work with the resulting output focused on various stages of decline and regeneration. Elisabeth Bond graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from The University of East London in 2009. Her work has been shown across the UK and USA, most recently at the London Art Fair. In the past Elisabeth Bond wrote plays for the theatre, TV and Radio.
The artist in front her recent commission by Trinity Buoy Wharf
RA: When did you first know your were an artist?
EB: I've always known - either a writer or a visual artist. In fact I've been both.
RA: Your woodcuts are quite unique, and the method of using found wood is unusual - Why the interest?
EB: The history of woodcuts is inspiring and using found wood leads to the unexpected, which is exciting. You have to deal with it. 
RA: Your work often references nature and animals. Why is this a strong connection for you?
EB: You can't think about life without including nature and animals, it's all inter-connected.
RA: What do you think makes an artwork successful?
EB: The main thing is to be true to yourself and not try and jump on trendy band-wagons.
RA: Which work of yours are you most proud of?
EB: I think it's 'Buoys in Wood', my large woodcut.
RA: Artist you most aspire to be like?
EB: Difficult. Emil Nolde? Great colourist and wonderful woodcuts, although I think he was a bit cranky as a person.
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