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Granny Friendly Graffiti? Yarn Bombing takes over.

You may have seen it around your town or city. Yarn Bombing is the new, politer graffiti.

By David Smith | 03 Sept 2012

Coming soon to a city near you? Yarn Bombing has seen a steady rise in popularity and has been referred to by knitters and police as the polite graffiti. Knitters take their colourful craft out onto the street and cover iconic and ordinary urban objects with multicoloured fuzz.  The trend, known by some as guerrilla knitting aims to brighten up and subvert the everyday in urban environments. Here's a few of our favourites: 


The trend of Yarn Bombing is another example of artists mixing different mediums to create something entirely unique. Collage artists and painters such as Rosalind Davis produce intricate artwork combining standard painting mediums with textiles and knitting. In a similar way to Yarn Bombing, Rosalind's work subverts the ordinary urban environment by adding colour and  flair to the everyday. 

26 Remain by Rosalind Davis

The Flamingo by Rosalind Davis

Yarnbombing images via Daily Art Fixx

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