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Our Pick: Remarkable Artist Videos

Andy Warhol on Jasper Johns, Sir Peter Blake aboard his Art Bus and Francis Bacon in front of either an installation or a broken pile of plates.

By David Smith | 03 Aug 2012

One of the great things about artists is their ability to challenge our expectations and take extreme positions which can incite, inspire and revolt. Other times, they can just be plain goofy. Here is our pick of 5 interviews with artists that inspire or make us laugh or cringe.

First up see an incredibly in-depth interview with pop culture icon Andy Warhol where he describs why he loves his friend and contemporary Jasper Johns.   


Next is a classic interview with Francis Bacon, check out the studio setting and the discussion of voilence in painting.


Sir Peter Blake, British pop artist and his excentric and amazing British Art Bus. "No windows, but a gallery which changes all the time" Many of the works on display in the bus can be found via our  partner My Life in Art


A fantastic 'superflat' animation by Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton


And finally, who doesn't love Basquiat? Here's a great clip of him doing some graffiti in downtown Manhattan. This exceptional footage of the artist is from the seminal film "Downtown 81" which is a rare snapshot of the Village scene in the early eighties.

If you're a fan of Basquiat be sure to check out Jack Addis' limited edition print featuring none other then the man himself.  


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