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Feather Your Nest: New collection of bird inspired pictures

Explore a new collection of works inspired by the colours and forms of birdlife.

By Rise Art | 16 May 2012

We have put together a brand-new collection of works from Rise Art's artists for you to take a look at. This time we have brought together pieces that have been inspired by the forms and colours of birds, from the familiar image of the Common Starling, to the exotic plumage of Parrots. Spanning photography, prints and sculpture, we think we have managed to find something for everyone in this feather-ruffling new collection.

We love Peter Lamb's abstract work featuring the brightly coloured form of a parrot. Lamb's multimedia piece uses photographs of splashes of paint on the floor of the artist's studio as a starting point, with layers built up using spray paint and found materials. The work is playful and Lamb has allowed the element of chance to play a role in defining the composition. Despite the slightly chaotic nature of this piece, the figure of the parrot is clearly recognisable, it is this mix of abstraction and considered mark making that makes this particular work so appealing.

A Parrott and a Grasshopper on a Tree Trunk with no Handles by Peter Lamb


In contrast to the abstract work of Lamb, is our next pick. Fimm Fulgar (meaning 'Five Birds' in Icelandic) is a print by Kristjana S Williams showcasing the artist's incredible eye for detail. The forms that make up the piece may be fantastical, dreamlike hybrids of birds and butterflies, but it is Williams' painstaking accuracy that grounds them in reality.  The colour palette of this particular work brings to mind the jewel-like tones of an exotic aviary.

Fimm Fugar by Kristjana S Williams

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