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Natasha Woolsey picks her Favourite Works

John Jones' Natasha Woolsey puts together her favourite works celebrating the arrival of spring, and reveals all on John Jones new Ecommerce launch

By Rise Art | 05 Mar 2012

This week, Rise Art is launching a new collections section! You'll see it listed at the top of every page. Inside we feature new collections as selected by our team of curators and guest insiders. This week, we're excited to speak with Natasha Woolsey from John Jones, the famed UK based framing firm. Natasha introduces us to her picks of artwork which celebrate the arrival of spring, and previews John Jones newly launched ecommerce site. 


Rise Art:

Tell us about the collection you have put together. 

Natasha Woolsey:

For this first collection, I wanted to find something which captures the mood of London right now. Over the past week or two, if you have been anywhere near England, it is incredible to see how the city has changed with just a little sun and warmth. After a long winter spent indoors, I wanted to capture the essence of springtime via art. In this collection, I have selected works that for me brighten the spirit and home.

Sarah Thomas - Sway


I see that you have chosen a few of artist Sarah Thomas' work to lead the collection?


Yes, I love Sarah's Collage work. Her entire practice is quite unique. Looking at it closely, it is incredible how intricate some of the work is. I find it all strikingly beautiful, and in particularly, Sway really symbolizes the joy of spring.


John Jones has long supported contemporary arts. Tell us about this new prize you are supporting in the lead-up to Art Dubai.


The team and i have been working with Art Dubai for some time, and we wanted to launch a prize that recognizes the potential for excellence and innovation for works made on paper. We launched the Paper Award with Art Dubai to help support artists working in this medium. Any artist showing at this years fair can enter, and the award will be announced on March 21st. We're very excited to have Janah Hilwé, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Kaelen Wilson-Goldi judge the entrants for the inaugural competition.


On top of this, John Jones is also launching a new e-commerce site?


Yes. Starting today, John Jones now offers an online ecommerce site, where anyone can purchase essential artwork surface materials. We stock everything from canvas rolls to primer. All of the materials are ideal for professionals to hobbyists, and are used by internationally recognized artists including David Hockney and Gavin Turk! 

Join Rise Art and John Jones on March 7th!

John Jones and Rise Art are Previewing the work of Artist Edd Pearman March 7th at John Jones in North London. RSVP for the Event here.

Natasha Woolsey is Marketing Director for John Jones. Find her on Twitter at @natashawoolsey.

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