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New Releases: The Artwork of Ruth Solomons

Ruth's new paintings are colorful works that are each fun and individual. Taken from the Arcade and Puzzle series.

By Scott Phillips | 20 Feb 2012

Given today's trends towards minimalism and conceptual art pieces, it is refreshing to come across the work of Ruth Solomons. Her abstract Paintings are colorful, enticing, and full of patterns and shapes. The artist, who graduated from Wimbledon in London, has had numerous solo shows at galleries and institutions across the UK. We're delighted to release a number of works from her series "Arcade" and "Puzzle-Paintings" which are now available on the site for rental and purchase.

Arcade 5 by Ruth Solomons - Rent from £35 /month

Arcade 6 by Ruth Solomons - Rent from £35 /month

Arcade 8 by Ruth Solomons - Rent from £35

Arrangement 1 - by Ruth Solomons

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