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New Releases: Edd Pearman & Lagrima!

We're back this week with some incredible new releases by Royal College of Arts Grad Edd Pearman. His series Lagrima(s) are stunning images which balance the grace and violence of the matador.

By Scott Phillips | 30 Jan 2012

Sometimes the wait is worth it. Over the past six months, the team at Rise Art have been cajoling Royal College of Art Graduate Edd Pearman to produce a unique work for the site. The result has definitely been worth the wait. Some of you may have seen a preview of the series at the RCA Secret Exhibition this past autumn, where the postcard sized versions of this work were amongst the first to be snatched up. Rise Art debuted Lágrima I-IV and Lágrimas at London Art Fair. The editions are now available on the website. Each is an edition of 45.

Lágrimas by Edd Pearman

Lágrima 1 by Edd Pearman

Lágrima II by Edd Pearman

Lágrima III by Edd Pearman

Lágrima IV by Edd Pearman


Edd's work is now on sale. You can also try it out in your home through Rise Art Art Rentals

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