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Blog of the Moment: I Love That Photo

In this week's Blog of the Moment we look at 'I Love That Photo', an online photography magazine that features work and interviews with some of the most promising up-and-coming photographers out there.

By Rise Art | 23 Nov 2011

We spoke to founder of I Love That Photo Saskia Hoogerhuis about inspiration, digital magazines and interviewing photographers. 

What made you decide to start the blog?

  Before I started I Love That Photo I was always searching for inspiration and beautiful photos on the Internet. I noticed that there were a lot of blogs with the most amazing photos on them, but on none of the blogs there was more information about the photographer, most of the times only a link to a portfolio. I thought it would be interesting to show more of a photographer. What inspires them? What influences them? What does photography mean to them?   This is when I came up with the concept for I Love That Photo, In each interview I will ask a photographer four questions and ask for four photos. In every interview this will be the same four questions. The main goal of the site is to show the differences or similarities between individual photographers and photography in general.   © Matthew Scott     What are the advantages of having a digital photography magazine, how does the medium lend itself so well to being online?    There are a lot of advantages to having an online photography magazine. First of all because you can reach a huge audience. A lot of photography lovers are searching for inspiration on the Internet. I always hope that they can find inspiration in the interviews on I Love That Photo. Secondly because I get a lot of feedback from the readers. Something that is a lot harder when you have a print magazine. And last but not least because of the archive of I Love That Photo. All of the interviews I did are online and everyone can still see them. So it is possible to compare answers and see the differences or similarities between photographers.    © Cedrik Jaroslasson     Finally, Whats your favourite feature on the site?    Although I Love That Photo now has a blog and some side projects, I still love the interviews the most.  Every time I interview a photographer, I’m curious to see his or her answers. Also I’m curious to see the four photos the photographer has selected. For most photographers I’ve interviewed this is the hardest part of the interview, to select only four photos of their portfolio. Some people asked me why I only let photographers show four photos and not six or maybe twelve. The reason I did this is because I think that you can very well see the style of a photographer in four photos. And because it is so hard for a photographer to choose only four photos, sometimes there were some very surprising choices.   © Simon Hoegsberg

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