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Video Pick: Jean Michel Basquiat live Painting in 'Downtown 81'

Our video pick this week comes from the excellent film 'Downtown 81', which stars Jean-Michel Basquiat in the hay-day of the Downtown scene in Manhattan.

By David Smith | 19 Dec 2012


Who doesn't love Basquiat? Here's a great clip of him doing some graffiti in downtown Manhattan. This exceptional footage of the artist is from the seminal film "Downtown 81" which is a rare snapshot of the Village scene in the early eighties. Basquiat is the main focus of the film and is described in Artforum as "a joy to watch. He floats through the movie with cool grace and unflagging energy; he's a natural in front of the lens..." If you're a fan of Basquiat be sure to check out Jack Addis' limited edition print featuring none other then the man himself.  


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