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Nick Rochowski's Book Launch

'Liminal Points Projects', the successful photo series by Select Artist Nick Rochowski, has been turned into a beautiful book, which launches next week. Find out more!

By Lorena Muñoz-Alonso | 28 Oct 2011

Exciting! Our Select Artist Nick Rochowski is launching a book containing the entire 'The Liminal Points Projects'. Rokov Publishing is a new independent creative platform for collaborative output, established by Nick himself, and 'The Liminal Points Projec't is the company's first publication.

The 'Liminal Points Project' is the result of three years of work and artistic collaborations with illustrators Greg Haynes and music producer Deep Sea. It will be the first UK showing of the book, following successful recent shows in New York's Milk Gallery and The Perth Centre for Photography.

Coinciding with East London's Photomonth, the launch is on November 3rd and will showcase the books release, with limited edition copies available, and large scale prints on exhibition, including Nick Limited Edition prints for Rise Art, until November 8th.


If you are in London next week, come and join us! Check all the details and RSVP here!

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