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Blog of the Moment: This is a Photo Blog

In this week's Blog of the Moment we look at 'This is a Photo Blog', a collaborative project between a group of photographers, with an impressive outcome!

By David Smith | 05 Sept 2011


In this week's Blog of The Moment, we profile the wonderful collaborative project 'This is a Photo Blog'; a community of photographers who take turns in assigning each other photographic themes, which they then create works around. The results are diverse and often spectacular, as each artist puts their own interpretation on the assignment. We caught up with 'This is a Photo Blog' founder Tamar Levine to ask her a couple of questions about the project. 

The idea behind the blog is really inspiring. Who came up with the idea, and how did people get involved?

I came up with the idea in 2008. I really wanted to start a blog for a few reasons, to establish a photo community; to continue creative dialogue even after we finished school; to make a haven where we could just be creative without worrying about the money or competition; and to feed off of each other and hopefully get inspired. I started with just a handful of people I went to Art Center College of Design with, and it grew from there. It was easy to get them involved, as all of us still really liked the idea of doing creative assignments in our spare time.


Documentary by Blake Sinclair 

Documentary by Brad Wenner


It seems like a great way of maintaining a creative (or non commercial) practice outside of being a student. What would you recommend to other artists who want to put their work out there and have fun collaborating with people?

I think it is really important to always do creative projects, and it doesn't hurt to get feedback as well! Anyone can start a blog like this, or a Facebook page, or a Twitter account, or a photo club. There are so many social networking venues right now that make it very easy to collaborate with people across the world. I would say just get out there and do it. Also if anyone is interested, we have recently started a group on Facebook, and anyone who is interested can join and share their work:


Self Portrait by Tamar Levine. 

Self Portrait by Ryan Schude

If you missed it, heres the link to the blog and be sure to join the Facebook group to get involved! 

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