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Life between our first international art fair and our first ever pop-up show. And the Venice Biennale, looming...

By Scott Phillips | 10 May 2011

Over the past weeks, it has been great to see the Rise Art site begin to take shape. Your feedback and comments have been incredibly helpful to us as we expand and release work from new artists across the site.

As the Rise Art collection continues to grow, we are excited to have done our first international art fair, MadridFoto, where we showcased the works of our Select Artist Ting-Ting Cheng and Alma Haser. In two-weeks time we will have our first pop-up show, which we are incredibly excited about. We are partnering with London’s Luna & Curious for a ten day exhibition at their Calvert Street store. Keep an eye on Rise Art’s Facebook page for updates on all our upcoming events and related competitions.

Luna & Curious is on 24-26 Calvert Avenue, London

And speaking of events, this summer, the art world will converge in Venice for the 54th edition of the Venice Biennale. Held once every two years, this contemporary art exhibition is arguably the most important event in the international art calendar. This year, 88 countries will construct pavilions at the event and show works by an exciting international selection of emerging and established artists curated by Bice Curiger While all the relevant players of the international art scene and media will surely attend the opening week of the biennial during the first week of June, the show runs through November 27th, and offers anyone with an interest in contemporary art the opportunity to see a selection of amazing work in a stunning location. Rise Art will be covering some of the best aspects of the exhibition, so check regularly on our blog and events section.



Scott Phillips is one of the founders of Rise Art. He can be reached at

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