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Willie Nash is a native New Yorker and artist working with surrealist sculptures that are at once absurd and slightly uncomfortable for the viewer - in true surrealist style. For example, his piece Epilogue depicts an egg balancing improbably between two blocks, provoking a sense of anxiety and uncertainty.

Surrealist art is that which takes a departure from the real world, representing unusual and imaginary subjects. Most surrealist art draws inspiration from the unconscious workings of the mind and dream imagery, making it a fascinating and often confusing style of art to understand. While most will be familiar with the likes of Surrealist painters such as Dali and Magritte, surrealist sculpture is a more uncommon art form that few have experience with.

One of the most famous pieces of surrealist sculpture is Meret Oppenheim’s Object, made in 1936. This unusual artwork is a teacup made up of animal fur, presenting a stark juxtaposition between domesticity and ideas of wild animals. The result is an unsettling piece that on the one hand invites petting, while also provoking disgust in the viewer at the idea of finding a hair in a drink.

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