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by Stella Kapezanou

Painting - 170.0cm x 140.0cm x 4.0cm


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    Type | Original Art
    Medium | Painting > Mixed Media
    Style | Figurative
    Subject | Portraits & People
    Year | 2016
    Size | 170.0cm x 140.0cm x 4.0cm
    Ready to hang | Yes
    Signed | No
    Materials | oil and acrylics on canvas
  • hot staff

    This series of paintings is about the pursuit of happiness.
    Like the people around me who I enjoy observing, I position happiness at some point in the future. 
    As though happiness isn’t something you can have in the here and now.

    Religions promise happiness in the afterlife.
    Children look ahead to when they’ll be grown up.
    We all of us wait: for a steady income, our own home, a new car, finding our other half, having children of our own. When we get these things, then we’ll be happy.
    But when these things are achieved, there’s something else that isn’t right yet. We don’t feel like w…

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    Stella Kapezanou

    Stella Kapezanou is an exciting Greek artist whose funky and vibrant contemporary paintings are unmistakable! Stella puts an exotic spin on the seemingly ordinary habits and activities of our capitalist way of life, gently prompting us to think again about what we deem to be ‘normal’. We just love Stella’s groovy aesthetics!

    The artist holds an MA from the Chelsea College of Arts, where she was awarded the Frank Bowling Scholarship. She has also received scholarships from academies in Athens and Munich. She currently works between London and Greece.

    Stella exhibits her work in both Gr…

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