by Stella Kapezanou

Painting - 210.0cm x 170.0cm x 4.0cm


ships framed 

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    Type | Original Art
    Medium | Painting
    Style | Figurative
    Subject | Portraits & People
    Year | 2017
    Size | 210.0cm x 170.0cm x 4.0cm
    Frame | framed canvas
    Signed | Yes, on verso
    Materials | oil and acrylic on canvas
  • David

    Stella Kapezanou is interested in images from everyday life, in habits that are considered to be “everyday” of people living in capitalistic and material western societies. Her paintings seem somehow unreal because they are, they depict scenes that never quite occurred, the sky is the ideal sky, the green grass the perfect stand-in for all lawns. The color reproduction happens in accordance with memory, not reality. The world gets captured not as it appears but as she wants to perceive it.

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    Stella Kapezanou

    Stella Kapezanou is an exciting Greek artist whose funky and vibrant contemporary paintings are unmistakable! Stella puts an exotic spin on the seemingly ordinary habits and activities of our capitalist way of life, gently prompting us to think again about what we deem to be ‘normal’. We just love Stella’s groovy aesthetics!

    The artist holds an MA from the Chelsea College of Arts, where she was awarded the Frank Bowling Scholarship. She has also received scholarships from academies in Athens and Munich. She currently works between London and Greece.

    Stella exhibits her work in both Gr…

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