Malathé . Divinity

Edition of 127.0 x 20.0 cm?
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Bettina Eberhaerd

Bettina Eberhaerd self-taught plastic artist, born in Brussels, in 1963, worked and lived in Amélie-les-Bains-Palada, Pyrenees Orientales. Explorator of the imaginary, walking in dreamlike, while questioning the environment, the living and Matter, it evolves from the subjective world. Apart from the agitations, another reality, the essentials of a dialogue with the living. In creation, as in the game, reacting freely without obstacles of any order, feeling invested, getting involved. "Art is a game, a game of mind" said Dubuffet. Creating, as playing is to throw a bridge between fantasy and reality by the magical efficiency of your own libido, one of the forms of dialogue with the invisible. Thus find the thread of this "which" we are, under the thickness of illusions, of received educations, of structuring and reassuring beliefs which limit our freedoms. work for a few years. Symbolic representation of energies, image of the organization of a chaos, a space in which the search for balance and stability is established. It is a work of image confrontations, carried out from its failed, stored or forgotten photographs. These mandalas are developed in successive and multiple layers, where frames come to interrogate. An idea of ​​order and disorder, transition, gestation, imperfection, sometimes of accuracy and clarity. The arrangement of space through the balance of forces as essential concern, in these matrices which are organized, where the center is not lost sight of. So many windows open to sensations, emotions, so many people in itself in which this incessant quest for harmony manifests itself. If meeting with the thread dates back to 1994, during a pilgrimage to the sources of Ganges, India. On the way, she finds a little piece of fabric, a few centimeters of woven wires that time and abandonment has de-woven at the ends. If research in textile art & amp; Assembly is developed exclusively from recovered materials, impregnated with the traces of time, having a history, a wear. For the sole objective, the formatting of an idea of ​​harmony, coherence, an eulogy to elegance, the beauty of the forms, in a simplest sought -after expression, the associations of materials, colors, are naturally in a spontaneous gesture.

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