06 - 28 August 2021

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The Color photograph. We want to celebrate Color in all it’s forms at the SE Center. Our juror would like to see creativity and self-expression. They have no preference subject, or style but would like to be able to see the photographer's mind at work..

Our jurors for Color are Constance and Jerry Rosenthal are the co-founders of Rfotofolio, have made their selections and the following photographers have been invited to participate in Color:

Geoffrey Agrons, Bonnie Bishop, Tuan Bui, Andrew Burks, Ronald Butler,
Frank Curran, Chel Delaney, Jeremy Dine, Rolf Erni, Veronica Gray,
Lee Halvorsen, Gary Heiss, Sheryl Jacobs, Mark Levinson, Susan Licht,
Aqua Lin, Aimee McCrory, Jim McKinniss, Alexandra Nemeth, Nancy Ney,
Jerry Park, James Peaslee, Laszlo Perlaky, Thomas Pickarski,
John Anthony Rizzo, Pat Rose, Robert Sulkin, Glenn Suttenfield,
Samantha Swann, and Chuck Zovko


Geoffrey Ansel Agrons