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Five Questions with Marine Tanguy

Introducing Marine Tanguy, one of our exciting Rise Art Prize judges for Europe. Marine runs her own artist agency called MTArt, which promotes influential artists working across the globe.

By Rise Art | 23 Oct 2017

Marine Tanguy runs MTArt, the world's first artist agency. She is an innovator in the field of contemporary art, as well as an accomplished writer and speaker. Marine is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and she works on the junior boards of various cultural institutions. How on earth does she fit it all in? We're not sure, but we couldn't be prouder to have her on the Rise Art Prize judging panel for Europe. Let's hear a little more about Marine from the Wonder Woman herself...



1. What’s your favourite art gallery or museum?

It's a tricky question as there are so many incredible museums and institutions out there but I will have say the National Gallery in London.

I first entered the National Gallery when I was 19 years and I do not spend a single month without visiting a wing of this incredible museum. I love its chronological curation, which become a true insight onto our visual and social history. I feel I understand the world a little more thanks to it.


Marine with the work of Chloe Early.


2. If you could host any 3 people (living or dead) for dinner, who would they be?

Ayn Rand, John Keats and Man Ray. One woman for two men; a thinker, a poet and an artist; a realist, a romantic and a surrealist. I feel a dose of these three every day.


3. What's your surreal go-to object?

My entire house. It is filled with art and mad objects. My boyfriend calls it 'the impractical world of Marine'.


Marine with Giotto & Moi by Jennifer Abessira


4. What would be your top tip for the aspiring art collector?

Support amazing artists, nurture them, believe in them and enjoy the ride! They will make you proud.


5. Could you tell us about a couple of artworks you have up in your own home and why you love them?

I adore my Jennufer Abessira piece, Giotto & Moi (above). It's hanging in my lounge next to the view onto the church (St Georges in Bloomsbury). It's a like a touch of irony next to the windows decorated with religious artworks.


Giotto & Moi by Jennifer Abessira​


Jennifer Abessira had to go through a pretty traumatic accident a few years ago and the way she found to cope with it was to re-imagine a reality with images from the internet and her physical condition. In this case, her feet versus the angel of Giotto found on the internet.


Marine with The Vow by Alexandra Lethbridge.


Then there's The Vow by Alexandra Lethbridge. Alexandra is fascinated by how much the gaze gives you emotional context on the images that you know, the films that you watch and the movies that you watch. If you remove it, you have no idea if this girl is screaming, scared, surprising you or...


The Vow by Alexandra Lethbridge.

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