Tracey Emin’s Fortnight of Tears

Posted in Inside Scoop by Bethan Street on 22nd January 2019

Tracey Emin’s major upcoming solo show ‘A Fortnight of Tears’ brings together new works that stem from the artist’s personal memories and emotions, ranging from loss, grief, longing and spiritual love. 


Tracey Emin, A Fortnight of Tears 2018

(Image Courtesy of White Cube)


Emin is known for her autobiographical work, using her life as inspiration for her candid and expressionistic works. She is one of the most prominent members of the Young British Artists and rose to fame in the late 1980s after attracting huge media attention for her seminal pieces ‘Everyone I have Ever Slept With 1963-1995’ and ‘My Bed’.


Tracey Emin, My Bed 1998 

(Image courtesy of Tate)


Emin is influenced by, and her works pay homage to, artists like Edvard Munch and Egon Schiele. Both artists primarily explored complex states of self-representation and their art is often sexually provocative, frank and unadulterated.


Egon Schiele, Self Portrait with Physalis 1912

(Image Courtesy of Wiki) 


Emin reveals her childhood and adolescent experiences through her art and explores issues to do with relationships and the body. As a result, Emin is often located within the tradition of feminist discourse.


Tracey Emin, Crane 2015


'A Fortnight of Tears' brings together the artists new paintings, photography, large-scale bronze sculptures and film, which will be presented across the entire Bermondsey gallery. The exhibition documents Emin’s recent creative developments and reveals the personal and often troubled inspirations behind her works.


Tracey Emin, Believe in Extraordinary 2015


The bronze sculptures exhibited will be the largest that Emin has produced to date and will be displayed alongside her expressive paintings. The show will debut her new photographic series entitled ‘Insomnia’, consisting of self-portraits the artist has taken on her phone, capturing “prolonged periods of restlessness and inner turmoil.” The exhibition will include ‘How it Feels’, a moving account of her abortions which dramatically changed her approach to making art.   


'A Fortnight of Tears' will show at the White Cube in Bermondsey and open on the 6 February, running until 7 April 2019.  


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