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Posted in Out of the Studio by Rise Art on 05th September 2016

In the first of a series of Rise Art Guest Curators, we are thrilled to welcome Grant Pierrus, aka Interior Style Hunter. This legendary interiors blogger trained at Central Saint Martins, and there is nobody in the business more knowledgeable and passionate about distilling confidence into his audience to be able to create beautiful spaces for themselves. With a true sense of democratization Grant believes that everybody should have access to good design, and below he shares his personal style and top tips for using art when it comes to world class interior design. Read on for our exclusive interview with Grant and see his curated collection of Rise Art favourites.


What is your personal interiors style like?

Considered, classic and functional, with a spot of madness. I am attracted to whimsical interiors, but I can't function with clutter, so I've learnt to create a classic functional structure that works for me. Overlaying it with a bit of whimsy keeps my space fun and interesting.

Image source: Interior Style Hunter


What are you drawn to for your personal art style?

Style evolves over time, and with experience of course mine has too, maybe slightly faster than others as I spend so much of my time studying trends and am always on the lookout for what's new and emerging. I find that I'm becoming attracted to pieces that capture movement - sculpture in particular. I can pinpoint when it started as I instantly identified a fascination with three little bronze pieces that I used when I did a styling project with Christie's. I was fascinated by the way their movement was captured in time. Abstract paintings are a personal favourite, but I either fall in love with a piece or I don't, there isn't much middle ground with me. Art is personal and you don't need to express why you do or don't like something.

The 3rd Day #16, Cody Choi

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How does art fit into your home, and why is it important to you?

I change around my pieces quite a bit, especially sculpture - I enjoy seeing the pieces pop up in different places. I have a few small original oil paintings from well-known British artists, and I` use these on bookshelves, sometimes with a sculpture next to it, or behind it. I like the 'mixed material' look. The subject of the piece needs to evoke an emotion in me, that's why I will acquire it. It could be a memory of something, a place, a person or an event. I look at these pieces and instantly connect with that memory.

Image source: Interior Style Hunter


What are your top tips for bringing art into the home and having it compliment your interiors?

· Art can be used to expand on the colour palette that you have in your space. Select a piece of art that contains colours that work with your current interiors, but maybe has another tone or contrast colour. This is an easy way to introduce additional colours or tones to the space. 

· Ensure that the piece of art you select is in proportion to the space where it will be hung. I always advise to select a piece that's a bit larger than you think should be in the space. 

· Think about the form and shape of the subject. If the painting is abstract consisting of wavy and soft lines, then this might not work in a strong sharp geometric space.

· Use art to bring your interior space together, think of the elements in your space that I mentioned above, shape, colour, form and size and find a piece that works harmoniously with your interior design.


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