Styling with Art: Sun-drenched Oranges

Posted in Out of the Studio by Charlotte Broomfield on 25th July 2014

Inspired by our current conditions - in an office without air conditioning - we decided our 'styling with art theme' would be sun-drenched oranges. The multi-layered textures and deep bronzes  in 'yggdrasil' meant this oil and gold leaf panel original piece by Alexander Heaton, was perfect.

Alexander Heaton

In terms of interiors, we looked for dark, rich, tapestry textures, which can be seen in Liberty's pouffe (3) and Anthropologie's weavechair (4). We chose Another Country's delicious terracotta serving bowl (5) and A Rum Fellow's (who impressed us at Clerkenwell Design Week) heavy german vase (2) to complete the look.

1. yggdrasil by Alexander Heaton
2. west german vase from a rum fellow
3. liberty pouffe
4. diamond weave chair from liberty
5. serving bowl from another country

6. italian king canopy bed from anthropologie
7. cestino liscio medium from the chelsea gardener
8. chajul cushion from a rum fellow
. fornasetti yellow candle holder from liberty
10. suspense light from karboxx

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