Styling with Art: Cartography

Posted in Out of the Studio by Ruth Reyes on 24th June 2014

This week, we focus on styling a room around art that's just a little bit more complicated and detailed, cartography. We chose a piece from Stephen WalterLondon Subterranea, as our subject due to its wonderful detail. It may feel intimidating to try and style around such detailed work, or even overwhelming but believe us - it's actually so much fun. The key is to look to the colours in the piece and pick those out to style around. 

London Subterranea
Stephen Walter


For London Subterranea we thought to pick out the colour of the tube lines, which run through the piece subtely and just gently coax them out as well as mimicking the dark greys and whites that set the stage. Our favourites are the black and white marble bowls from One and Many which we feel call back to the background and the Sophia Flower Me Happy Vase from Liberty - which once again, has the same tones found in Subterranea, there's no real matching (like the Falcon pillarbox Red tea pot, which is the same red of the Central line) but has a certain quality in tone that makes sense. If there's anything to know about styling with art - it's knowing your palate and sometimes, it just has to feel right - no rhyme or reason! For good measure, we've also chosen a paint colour - this Plummett from Farrow and Ball would make an excellent backdrop and bring everything to life - from the bright colours to the smallest details. 

1. London Subterranea by Stephen Walter 

2. Falcon pillar box Red teapot from the Hambledon

3. Plummett from Farrow and Ball

4. Black and white marble bowls from One and Many

5. J104 Chair White from Future and Found

6. Sophia Flower Me Happy Vase from Liberty

7. Molly Hatch Desk clock from Anthropologie

8. E27 drop light from Future and Found

9. Illusion bench from Anthropologie


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