Styling with Art: Geometrics

Posted in Out of the Studio by Charlotte Broomfield on 16th July 2015

This week's styling with art column delves into the sharp lines and acute angles of geometry.

Patricia Poullain's 2012 painting is the starting point for our featured collection of geometrically-inspired desired design objects.  

The Irish-French painter, Patricia Poullain, was diverted from the theatre to painting after a prolonged stay in Korea - where she studied with the iconic Korean painter, Lee Se Duk.  As a reslult of this time, Poullain's work exhibits both Eastern and Western infuences.  

Patricia Poullain

Patricia is fascinated with the backward-forward movement of colours, and their very pronounced reactions to each other.  We have selected a range of featured design objects that reflect this interplay.  Of particular note, we love the juxtaposition of colour and form in Seven Gauge Studios's fantastic yellow and grey cushion (3), and Hay & Clara von Zweigbergk's elegantly playful trays (5).

1. 2012 by patricia poullain
. origami coffee table available from west elm
3. seven gauge studios geo-knitted cushion
. anglepoise® brass original1227 table lamp
. hay & clara von zweigbergk's kaleido trays
6. lapuan kankurit harlekiini yellow & white throw available from heal's
. cappellini bambi table available from nest
. deer shelf by bedesign
. chair one - magis available from made in design

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