Kelly Fannon's Tips On How to Hang your Art

Posted in The Art-Isms by Charlotte Broomfield on 30th May 2014

Kelly Fannon designs homes, apartments, flats, and all spaces to help you live or work in style with casual elegance. Kelly's background is in art and textile design and all of her work is informed with a deep knowledge of the history of art, design and architecture. Here's Kelly's top tips on how to hang your art.

Example 1

If there is one change you can make to a space that will truly feel you like have re-decorated without a big budget, is to re-hang your art. Changing the placement, the position, arrangements of pictures and paintings can make the world of difference.
One of the first things to consider is the whole space: is it too narrow? too long? no outstanding features? are the walls paneled? All of these factors can determine: the arrangements, the sizes of the paintings, whether you should hang the pictures portrait or landscape etc. For example you can make a narrow room feel wider if you hang a row of frames in landscape position across the end wall. This creates the illusion of a wider space.
When you consider the space, look at the doors and windows, if you are hanging groups of pictures, paintings and mirrors, don't hang any higher than the height of the doorway. It will look more balanced and fit on the wall.
When grouping art, the arrangements of image examples 1, 2, and 3 are very well balanced.

Example 2

Example 3

Examples 5 or 6 can still look balanced if you position from the centers.

Example 5

Example 6

When you do select the paintings and pictures lay them on the floor and look for the patterns and colours, find what looks best next to one another and which colours work well. This often is better than arranging by theme, great if you can, but in large groups of pictures, patterns and colours can be a good guide.
All images were found on pinterest
Paintings and pictures are best at eye level, but if you have a particularly large painting it needs space around it so keep it for your largest wall.
Hanging pictures is an art in itself, experiment and have fun with it.
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