Styling with Art: Accents of Blue

Posted by Charlotte Broomfield on 24th April 2014


"How Do I Place Art In My Home?"

We're often asked: How do I place Art in my home? It's hard, because even in the flesh, choosing Art becomes a turmoil of frames, hangers, "will that go with my sofa'sss?" So how can you get the bigger picture? Inspired by blogger Igor Josif's blue collection, we thought we'd pull together a blue-ish mish-mash of furniture & accessories, using a piece of Art as a starting point. We picked 'Water' by Anne Marie Lepretre, a large, moody, acrylic on canvas work, that isn't what you'd call 'blue blue' but certainly carries a hint of the stuff.

As it's a textured piece, we thought it would be fun to play with this, that's why we picked other textured products such as Folklore's Brooklyn tins wall paper (3) and Squint Limited's velvet chest of drawers (7). As it's fairly neutral in colour you can get away with placing it on a dark wall, we chose Hague Blue from Farrow & Ball (9) as this collection is 'accents of blue' but we suspect it'd work just as well on a hot pink wall or something else bright and bold. Well, we hope this gives you a better idea of how to use Art as a starting point in terms of interior design. Make sure you tune in next week, we think we'll do 'warm metallics'.

1. 'water' original acrylic on canvas work by anne marie lepretre

2. harbour light from the new craftsmen

3. rainy day sideboard cupboard from humblesticks

4. brooklyn tins wallpaper from folklore

5. nursery print cushion from the new craftsmen

6. shimmered dhurrie rug from anthropologie

7. the three drawer bedside table from squint limited

8. micro big-game coats hooks from moustache

9. hague blue paint from farrow & ball

10. neom luxury candle from amara



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