10 picks from the interior designer: Aiveen Daly

Posted in Out of the Studio by Charlotte Broomfield on 02nd April 2014

Cork-born Aiveen Daly has lived in Moscow, St Petersburg and Sydney before moving to London in 1998 to take up a role at Newsweek magazine. She subsequently moved to Expedia as UK Marketing Manager where she ran several multi million pound advertising campaigns. Aiveen now operates an Upholstery & Design business from her studio in North West London. Here she offers high end upholstery services and creates bespoke commissions. These are her Top 10 picks from Rise Art and her advice on how to place them in your home.

Gina Soden

Soden's work bares great significance to the work of Candida Höfer. This particular piece would create a dramatic affect in an entrance room. We once used a similar Höfer piece for a client's contemporary home and used the subtle colours inhabiting the photograph to determine the rest of the colour scheme for the entrance way. 

Into Dust
Paul Bennett

This would look great in a young lady's bedroom around the age of 13 who would perhaps want to be a bit more grown up than she actually is!

Winter's Tide
Paul Bennett

Perfect for adding depth to a moody lounge. I'd pair with dark colours and fabrics of multiple textures, think silk and velvet.

Raj Kaur

Kaur's work provides the perfect dramatic backdrop to an eating area. It would work well in a lounge/dining room especially at the head of a long, mahogany table.

Joe Hesketh

To me this evokes visions of a smart, light, airy and parisian-kind of apartment. Think Regents Park sought from a large grassy area through louvre windows.

The Figurative Portrait
Damien Wojcik

Art in the bathroom is often neglected. It should not be. Wojcik's piece that was recently featured in Living etc lends itself idealistcally to a moody, contemporary, black bathroom. The depth and shadow in the photograph would accentuate the texture in slate grey tiles and fluffy black towels. Teamed with a low hanging naked light and a large minimal mirror it's a to-die-for bathroom look.

Shrine #3
Rosie Emerson

This beautiful long and inherently feminine piece by Rosie Emerson is ideal for an entrance room. The piece is aliken to a dramatic mirror and would work well alongside a white, metal curved stair case.

Ignacio Lalanne

This deeply unsusual and exotic piece lends itself to a bold and colourful kitchen. The large sizing of the work means it could also emboss a minimal kitchen with colour and depth. It's a certain conversation arouser.

Perdita or Lost over Libya
Philip Maltman

Last and certainly not least, I'd place this colourful abstract from Maltman in the master bedroom above the bed. Accessorise a dusky bedspread with cushions and throws in accents of plum and chocolate brown.

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