Inside the House of The Painted Hive

Posted by Charlotte Broomfield on 24th January 2014

The Painted Hive is an online journal, documenting its creator, Kristine Franklin's, journey in creating a beautiful yet liveable home on a budget. Kristine's philosophy is simple: make the most of what you’ve got, which usually involves finding innovative ways to turn trash into treasure. Kristine believes there are always affordable alternatives to things which are otherwise unattainably exorbitant. The Painted Hive aspires to enlighten, empower and encourage others to create an aesthetically beautiful living space on a humble budget.
So Kristine, how do you choose your own personal interior style?
I didn't so much choose my style as it chose me! I've always been inexplicably drawn to the warmth and personality of simple cottage styles though this primitive yearning has evolved over the years into a desire for something slightly more refined, eclectic and cultured. I love the unpretentious and easy-going appeal of a neutral palette and natural texture.
My favourite space is my conjoined living/dining room...
The Painted Hive Dining Room
The Painted Hive Dining Room
The Painted Hive Dining Room
Painted Hive Dining Room
What piece from Rise Art would you love to pair with your interiors? 
Although my house is a country cottage, I would love to hang this gentle work in a house by the sea. Its soft palette of muted blues and greens would compliment a coastal scheme perfectly.
Water - Anne Marie Lepretre
Anne Marie Lepretre - Water 
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