Blogger of the Moment: Erin Williamson from Design Crisis

Posted by Katherine Lachance Lavergne on 23rd November 2013


Our Blogger of the Moment this week is Erin Williamson, a commercial photographer and freelance decorator from Austin, Texas, who shares her life, her thoughts and her inspirations, through her blog Design Crisis. We've asked her some questions to learn more about her and her style...

Photo: Erin Williamson

As a professional photographer, what’s the most fun thing you’ve ever shot?
As a commercial photographer I love shooting interiors -- so many opportunities to see how other people live. But my favorite photography project ever was a series of night landscapes I shot as a working artist. I used a vintage 4x5 format camera for long exposures that revealed incredible detail, rendered somewhat ghostly by the light of the moon.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Austin?
The living is easy here. Sunshine, great music, friendly people, and a booming local economy make this a fantastic place to call home... but don't tell anyone else that. 

What would you say is your favourite thing about being a mom?
Watching my two little guys grow in ways I would never have anticipated before I had children. It's like watching the evolution of humankind on a micro scale and it blows my mind every day.

You work full-time and blog, how do you balance both worlds?
It's definitely a juggling act. Finding the time to recharge can be difficult, but I rely a lot on my husband and his wonderful parents who help us to meet everyone's needs. 

When you’re not blogging or working, what are you up to?
Swimming, walking Town Lake, cooking, reading serial novels, watching Project Runway. We all have our guilty pleasures, right?

What blogs do you read for inspiration?
Design Manifest, My Favorite and My Best, The Aestate, Because it's Awesome, and so many more.

What's your personal art taste when it comes to decorating your home?
Very eclectic -- I have everything from modern abstracts to antique paintings in my house. I'm always looking for quality, which transcends genre and medium. 

What's your favourite piece of art on Rise Art?
I really like the work of
Natasha Bonner. Wonderer (Six) combines an everyday scene and the psychedelic colors that come from long photographic exposures with multiple lighting sources in the frame. The result is uncanny -- simultaneously familiar and alien.

Wonderer (Six) by Natasha Bonner

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