Artist Of The Week: Andrew McNeile Jones

Posted by David Smith on 22nd March 2013

Andrew McNeile Jones graduated from Oxford University’s Ruskin School of Art, with a first in Fine Art, in the 1980’s. He then trained as a filmmaker, working in all areas of the film and television business. He produced and directed dramas, documentaries and commercials. He shot in many countries around the world, and won numerous awards for his productions. Throughout this time he continued to paint, but in 2002 decided to leave the film business in order to be able to concentrate on his art. His work is to be seen regularly at the major art fairs in London and across Europe. He has been profiled in a number of publications, including Art Of England, Homes and Gardens, Art Business Today, as well as being interviewed on BBC Oxford. His work is presented in conjunction with our partner Go Figurative Art. 

Into the Arms of Venus (II)

Andrew's work aims to capture a certain atmosphere in a moment of light and shadow and reflection. It is a cool, almost melancholy atmosphere, and sometimes hints at an off-stage narrative. Thesubject matter ranges from humble still lives, lit by raking sunlight, domestic interiors glimpsed through doorways and shutters, to occasional exteriors caught in the first or last light. It is the stuff of the everyday, given a new potency through oil paint. The style is figurative and detailed, without being slavishly photoreal; it is as much about the paint - the translation of the image - as the image itself.

All Things Under the Sun

Some Old Marbles and a Brass Compass
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