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10 New Artists To Enrich The Office Environment

Rumour has it that art in the work place can encourage creative thinking, communicate brand personality and totally transform those white walls. So here are 10 new artists perfect for adorning your professional residence….

By Rise Art | 14 Sept 2015

Rumour has it that art in the workplace can encourage creative thinking, communicate brand personality and totally transform those white walls. Here are 10 new artists perfect for adorning your professional residence….

Gugi Goo – Corporate City Environment

Goo combines a dynamic use of mixed media with inspired colour palettes in her abstract compositions. Abstracts are neutral and non-offensive- ideal for a more traditional office environments.  It’s widely believed that the colour blue promotes feelings of calm and stability, increasing productivity in the workplace so this piece is sure to brighten up that concrete city for employees.

Lime Green and Tangerine by Gugi Goo


Hannah Adamaszek  - Fashion Industry 

Adamaszek’s figurative works are full of energy and emotion. Her modern street art style uses warm and earthy tones to capture a timeless beauty through her featured heroines. These dynamic art works mirror the vibrancy of the fashion world, sure to enhance any office environment. 

Dream of the Rising Sun by Hannah Adamaszek


Paul Brown – Digital Agency 

Brown’s modern style of artwork embraces the digital revolution. His energetic digital prints are filled with bold shapes and layered colours, perfect for any digital agency looking to showcase a progressive attitude and fully embrace the partnership between technology and art.

Fallen by Paul Brown



Clare Halifax – Architectural firm 

Show off a passion for the aesthetic and architecture with these stylish pieces from Clare Halifax. If you’re looking for artwork to embody your industry, these distinctive cityscapes will capture your client’s attention the minute they enter the building. 

Green Greenwich Green by Clare Halifax


Antonia Barclay – Media Agency 

Demonstrate to clients that you’re a creative-thinking agency that puts a unique and quirky spin on the norm. These surreal animal portraits from Antonia Barclay will create an office environment that expresses curiosity, wonder and creativity. 

Lion King 2 by Antonia Barclay


Natalie Tkachuk – Heritage Brands 

Heritage is an important part of a brand’s make-up. Foster employees brand passion by commissioning beautiful still life photos by Natalie Tkachuk that will immortalise the lost and forgotten. A nod to the company heritage these works will help convey your brand story.

'Traces' plate 1 by Natalie Tkachuk


Tommy Clark – OFFICE Reception Area 

Clark’s aerial photographs completely challenge our understanding of the familiar. The unusual perspective transforms landscapes and beaches into interesting and new patterns of colour. These engaging and challenging photos will immediately provide a talking point in any reception area.   

Utah Green by Tomy Clarke


Sylvia Moritz – Environmental Company

If you have something important to say then choose artwork that embodies the brand ethos and mission. Mortiz is the perfect selection for an ethical company. Her cityscapes are a commentary on urban existence rather than criticism and usually with an underlying environmentalist message. 

Capacity by Sylvia Moritz


Harriet Hoult – City Environment 

Bring a sense of calm to a hectic office environment with these colourful yet delicate abstract paintings by Harriet Hoult. The blue hues bring a refreshing burst of colour to white walls, creating an energy that will motivate and inspire employees. 

Ferry Road by Harriet Hoult


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