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The Abigail Box Timelapse Film

A timelapse film charting the creation of 'A Deep and Gathering Roar' by Rise Art artist, Abigail Box.

By Rise Art | 05 Jun 2015

A sneak peak from the amazing Abigail Box as she creates one of her vibrant and light-flooded paintings. 

Abigail's paintings toy with perceptions of space and depth on the canves. Through her gestural brushstrokes and exuberant use of colour, Abigail's artwork continually explores the balance between figuration and abstraction.

This particular artwork was inspired by "The Forest Fire," a poem written by Charles G. D. Roberts. The artwork's title, a line within the poem, was decided upon at an early stage in the painting process and thus had a great influence on how the piece evolved.  A Deep and Gathering Roar evokes images of a powerful but steady and quiet force that builds into a crescendo so wild that it holds a voice of its own, independent of its surrounds. 

Rise Art Curator Kathryn Roberts says, "Abigail Box explores pattern and light. I admire the way she focuses on the paint's ability to visually describe and reinvent the natural and manmade world we live in."

See more of Abigail's artwork by clicking HERE

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